Health Coaching Programmes

The Diabetes Plan

The Healthy Heart Plan

You are here because…

  • You have beed diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or pre-Diabetes
  • Somebody in your family has Diabetes and you are worried the gene will be passed to you
  • You’ve been on medication for years
  • Your diet doesn’t work
  • The doctor keeps increasing the doses of your drugs
  • Your blood sugar is not controlled
  • You have heard about a Plant Based Diet that can reverse Diabetes and you want to try it
  • You are tired of doctor’s appointments
  • You feel exhausted
  • You are having medical complications

You are here because…

  • Someone in your family suffered a heart attack or has been diagnosed with heart disease
  • You have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure
  • You have access weigh to loose
  • You have been told you are at risk of a heart attack
  • You had a heart attack in the past and you want to change your lifestyle to avoid another one
  • You already had a heart procedure for ischaemic heart disease

How it works:

Meet Liz

Liz came to me because she was diagnosed with high cholesterol and hypertension. She had excess weight she wanted to drop, she felt tired, she ate a good amount of junk food for convenience and did not exercise.

First thing we did was to have an initial conversation to identify her goals. Once I knew what she wanted I tailored the “Healthy Heart Plan” so it would fit her unique needs.

We started by looking into her diet and her eating habits and worked on introducing more whole plant based foods in her every day menu. This led to more home cooking, better shopping and less money and food wasted.

We approached the physical exercises we an open mind and small steps. And from walking a few minutes every day to 150 min every week to going to the gym on a regular basis was a steady and consistent progress.

Liz works in a stressful environment, which affected her in several ways including lack of sleep. I used special relaxation techniques to help her reduce stress levels. 

Through accountability, support, consistency and specific coaching techniques Liz made great improvement in her general wellbeing and achieved her goals.

Dr Cecilia lifestyle coaching has helped me improve my diet fitness and overall wellbeing. The program is ideal for busy people and has achievable strategies. I am now loosing weight and exercising more. I have so much more energy and sleep better. I would highly recommend this program.

Liz, London

You’ll start by completing a short on line questionnaire on your health. Once that is completed we organise our first conversation. This is a 1-2h over the phone or Skype conversation so I can understand where you are in your health, where you want to be and what your challenges are. This will allow me to decide what programme is best for you and how to tailor it for your unique needs.

What's Included:

To see where you are in your health, where you want to be and what your challenges are. We get to now each other and decide if we are a good fit. 

Sessions are 1h (over the phone, Skype, Zoom). In each session we go deeper into limiting believes, old habits and possible set-backs and work on creating new healthy habits and behaviours.

Email support in-between sessions. I will send you short hand outs as “homework” or information. You can contact me via email with any challenge you have when it can not wait until the session.

3 months programme one on one


3 months programme couples

£1597/ person

3 months programme groups

£1097/ person

You know it's time...

…to make a change and your body is asking for love and new habits.

You know it won’t always be easy. It’s a new road that you will be walking, with new habits, new behaviours and a new lifestyle.

But you also know deep down that this is your moment to make that change, your moment to take charge and step into your power.

Let’s do it together!


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