8 Foods That Make Your Skin Age Faster

Your diet can lead to a faster ageing

  Ageing is a natural process. Many scientists dedicated a great amount of time to studying it. What you eat plays an important role in how you are going to age. There are foods that can make your skin wrinkle faster and and make you look older that you would like.   Alcohol We all … Read more8 Foods That Make Your Skin Age Faster

Vegan This Year For 5+ Reasons

Are you thinking of becoming vegan? Or maybe your best friend just “went vegan” and you wonder why? Official stats say that 542,000 of the UK citizens are vegan (according to a survey done in 2016  ) Another study showed 1.62 million Americans as being vegan. So, let’s dive into the subject and find out why … Read moreVegan This Year For 5+ Reasons


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