6 Fun Ways To Increase Your Energy

6 Fun Ways To Increase Your Energy

Like a child…

Do you remember that time when we were smiling and laughing just because we were happy? The time when we were playing and running all day long, having an endless amount of energy. 

I look at children now and all I see is a ball of light and happiness. And sometimes I wonder where did it all go…What happened? And when did we become tired, serious, concerned, preoccupied…

We get our energy mostly from the food we eat. The more natural it is, the more fresh it is and, obviously the more plant based it is the more energy we get. And you can verify this by checking in with yourself immediately after a meal and a couple of hours later. You either feel tired, boated and needing a nap or you feel energised, light and nourished.

However, there are other ways to increase your energy levels…and some of them are going to remind you of being a child.

Here are some ideas of fun energising things you can do anytime, to bring out that child inside:


Dance like no-one is watching

Nothing breaks the low energy and mood like a dance!

Children in their innocence don’t care who is watching or where they are. If they feel like  playing-they’ll play, laughing- they’ll lough, dancing- they’ll dance.

So I invite you to try it! In your car, office, kitchen or outside. It will  make your heart pump a bit faster, it will increase your breathing and it will make you happy.


Laughing till your tummy hearts is the best medicine! Brings you to the present moment and releases so much stress. 

So make a silly joke and have a laugh with your friends!

Play a game

Now, you don’t have to look at your shed and imagine it’s the entrance to a magical land and your garden tools are actually fairies waiting to take you by hand into this world of wonder…unless, well…it’s your thing.

Play a game with your friends or your kids. It’s so much fun to just escape worries, concerns and every day problems for a short while. Playing games brings a fun mindfulness into your life.

Play with animals

Animals can be so funny sometimes. And they love the attention. Nothing is holding them back from being silly and weird. Sometimes just watching them makes you smile and laugh…think about all the youtube videos you have watched over and over again.


Get lost

Do you ever get lost? Maybe on holidays, when you walk the streets of a town or village you have never visited before, and you just follow your curiosity and end up on those  back streets. Those are the best! You can see the real spirit of the people, their real lives and not just the touristy bit.

I have been living in London for 11 years now and I still love to walk the streets and get lost away from the tourists.

Walk in the rain

When was the last time you got caught in the rain and you didn’t run for shelter? You just stood there, looked up and laughed? No worries about your make-up, or clothes or shoes or being wet…just in that moment…

Will you give it a try next time?

I feel that most of the time I take life too seriously. And I believe that having a light heart and bringing some joy and fun to the everyday activities only makes everything a lot more enjoyable. And why not? What is wrong with playing from time to time? Try it! Maybe you’ll be more productive. Increase your creativity!

Let that inner child come out and play 😉

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