My Journey To A Plant Based Lifestyle

Fear…anxiety…worry…sleepless nights…

Why do we make big changes in our lives when something important happens to us? When we get told we are sick? When someone we love dies? When we are about to have a child or get married? When we turn a certain age?

I think it all comes down to our basic needs.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Basic Needs

Level 1: Physical Survival Needs

Level 2: Physical Safety Needs

Level 3: Love and Belonging Needs

Level 4: Self-esteem Needs

Level 5: Self-fulfilled

Learn more about Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs here

My story starts in November, 1996… It’s night and I am running from the hospital, hurrying to get home. I don’t really know why I’m running, I just feel I need to. It’s dark, quiet and I can smell the wet leaves on the ground. I arrive at home just to find out that my dad died in the hospital. He had a heart attack a few days ago. It was the fourth heart attack in the last three years. He was only 48 years old.

That event didn’t change much in the lifestyle of a 16 years old teenager, but it stated a domino effect.

I became a doctor and ended up working with people who suffered from heart problems, including heart attacks. And through the years, all those patients acted like a constant reminder of my past and of my possible future. Heart disease runs in my family, therefore it’s in my genes. Which leads to the conclusion that I am doomed to have the same faith as my father and his mother and the rest of them.

Turning 35 was my “trigger”. 40 seemed so close. And slowly the worrying thoughts and the fear crawled into my head. And from that it was only a matter of time until anxiety took over. I realised I wanted to live a long life. I wanted to be healthy and safe. I wanted to be around the people I loved.

I guess my job didn’t help either.

I must tell you a secret about me. When I have health concerns a do research. A lot of research. I am not exaggerating when I say I am like a dog with a bone. I became obsessed. Not a healthy behaviour, I must admit, however, this is how I came across the Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle. And the information was life changing.

I learned that it can prevent, stop and even reverse so many chronic health issues including heart disease. I discovered epigenetics and learned that I was not “doomed”, my future was not set in stone. I had the power to change it.

I love life. I love to travel and see new places, meet new people. I love the people in my life and I want to be with them for a very long time. I love being healthy, having energy, not having pains and aches. So, making the decision to transition to a WFPB lifestyle was a no brainer.

Now, almost 5 years later I am healthier than ever. All my little health irritations are gone, but more importantly, once I had made up my mind, the fear, worry and anxiety went away.

I am so happy with my results that I have decided to share it with people who are interested in making a change in their own life and health.

If you are now where I was 5 years ago, worried, stressed, concerned about a chronic condition or fear a future written in your genes, maybe it’s time for a change. And I understand change can be difficult and overwhelming. However, with the right support system, you can achieve anything. 

I didn’t like vegetables, I didn’t even know what to do with them, but I made the decision to approach my transition from a place of curiosity and with and open mind. Very quickly I discovered how much diverse and fun and healthy my food became. And to my surprise, I noticed changes in my health: more energy, better sleep, IBS gone. Even more, people started complimenting me on how  my skin was glowing and how shiny my hair had become, generally how well I looked.

In 2018, in the UK there were more than 600,000 people following a Plant Based Lifestyle.


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