WHAT Does A Health Coach Do And Why Do I WANT One?

WHAT Does A Health Coach Do And Why Do I WANT One?

If you are like me, and like most people, we have an inner voice. A voice that seems to always have something to say. Some of you call it the gut feeling, some call it the Universe or God. Whatever you call it, it is in you and part of you. Sometimes,  it is strong and clear and some other times it is just like a whisper. No matter the tonality, this voice is guiding you though life and you hear it all the time, but do you always listen and take action?

We all live busy lives. In today’s society everything moves with the speed of light and we are trying to do the same. We get caught up in the web our jobs, families, friends, news and social media. Our attention is focused outwards more than inwards. We look for solutions to our problems somewhere outside of us. We chase happiness, success, beauty and health by following the latest diet, the latest most famous movie star and that new pill that will make it all better. 

We are all overwhelmed with information, tips, hypes, solutions and plans. We learn something new, we get motivated and we take action for a week or two. And then, what happens? Our motivation fizzles down and we go back to our old habits and then the result, essentially nothing has changed.

Why does this happen? Because this happens to all of us! Information doesn’t bring motivation. You don’t need more information. You have enough! What you need to make “this time” different is someone to encourage you to succeed and someone to kick your butt when you fall off track and make poor choices.

As a Health Coach, I help you tune in and listen to that inner voice, because we know it has the solution to all our challenges. Once you heard it, you share it and together we create a plan of action. A plan that fits with your lifestyle, family, friends, holidays, parties and the weather. This is very important because we want a make it easy, like second nature, sustainable and fun.

I see no reason for pain, struggle and suffering when you want to loose weigh or reverse a disease or just stay healthy! That’s why, my commitment to you is to create a journey that will be an experience that is unique for you, your right fit into your  life. An experience that will be enjoyable, fun, uplifting and easy. And when you have success we will celebrate together and should you fall off track, I will be there to gently nudge you back on your right path.

So, if you are curious of how healthy you can be or how different your life can be if you were to listen and follow your inner voice, I invite you for a free Discovery Session.

This is a 60 min private conversation between us, where we discover where you are in your life, why you are stuck, how to get unstuck and how to create a plan for total transformation.

Invest 60 minutes of your time and I guarantee you will leave with at least one major aha!!! about how to break out of rut and get into action.

I want to invite you to the possibility that this time can be different and that you haven’t tried everything.

If you would like more information, check out this page or just go to the calendar and book a free Discovery Session!

And, if you want to get together before, have a look at the Event page!

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