3 Out of 10 Tips To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

3 Out of 10 Tips To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Tip #3

Ditch the meat!

What is there in meat that can lead to Type 2 Diabetes?

  • Saturated fat and animal fat
  • Trans-fats that are naturally found in meat
  • Cholesterol
  • Animal protein
  • The heme iron in meat

How meat consumption is a risk for Type 2 Diabetes?

Here it is, a very short summary of the above study.

  • Increased body weight-those who eat meat have higher body weighs compared with people who avoid meat
  • Effect of visceral fat-visceral fat has been proven to increase insulin resistance
  • Effect of intracellular lipid-this is that fat that jams the lock of the cells and it seems like meat eaters have more of it
  • Effect on iron balance-elevated blood iron levels are associated with insulin resistance
  • Nitrates in processed meats
  • Inflammation– a few studies associated meat consumption with increased markers of inflammation

A whole foods plant-based diet has been scrutinised by doctors and scientists for many years, trying to determine the benefits in association with many lifestyle diseases.

When it comes to Type 2 Diabetes,  not only they proved that it can reverse it, but also they found major benefits in regards with associated complications. Cardiovascular disease, renal complication and diabetic neuropathy are only a few of those complications that can be prevented and even reverse in some cases.

I understand it is a big change in your eating habits and it can feel a bit daunting at the beginning. However, in today’s world there are so many options that you can rest assured that your food will be exciting and tasteful. Plus it is a way to use your imagination and try new things that will only bring you more energy and health.

And if you struggle but are keen to try something different and new, the internet will offer you an array of options from recipes to nutritionists to health coaches.

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