2 Out of 10 Tips To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

2 Out of 10 Tips To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Tip #2

Don't give up!

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I am sure that after reading Tip #1 you may have some questions. And I am thinking of the following:

But I am not fat, why do I have Diabetes?

It is in my family, so there is no way out. Or is there?

I have been diagnosed already and they say “once you have diabetes, you’ll always have diabetes”, so what can I do?

I did what the doctor said and I am getting fatter and my medication has increased. What am I doing wrong?

Let’s quickly answer those question so you can see why you SHOULDN’T GIVE UP!

So, you are not fat, however you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. You stumbled upon my blog and now you feel more confused than before.

Let’s make a clear distinction between the fat inside your cells and the fat around your waistline. You may be very slim and still have fat accumulated inside your cells.

Normally our muscle cells have a tiny amount of fat stored inside. It’s like a back-up, like a pantry. When you finish the food in your fridge you go to your pantry. The same way, this fat sits in the cells waiting to be used when you need a bit more energy than usual. For some reason, some people accumulate a lot more than normal.

This is a study done by researchers a Yale University, showing the correlation between insulin resistance and fat accumulation in the muscle cells in young, lean, healthy adults. It shows how  a normal pancreas is producing a normal amount of insulin and this insulin is getting to the cells. However, once it gets there it does not work properly. The muscle cells are not responding to the “Knock!Knock!” on the door because the door lock is jammed with fat.

This is another study that shows how free fatty acids interfere with the transport and usage of glucose in healthy men.

In conclusion, being lean or skinny and being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, doesn’t mean something else is wrong. It is the same mechanism. So my advice is DON’T GIVE UP, because you can fix yourself the same way as the other patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

Let’s get to the next question…genetics.

Your parents and maybe your grand parents suffered from diabetes. And you tell yourself,  “It’s in the family. Nothing to do about it.” Maybe you don’t have the symptoms yet, but you live with that sword above your head, knowing that is going to come.

Of course there is a gene for diabetes, and for heart disease, and hypertension and high cholesterol. There are genes for many diseases, and there is a good chance that if you have any of those diseases in your family , you’ve got the gene.

So what doest it mean? Are you doomed? Not at all! All that the genes tell you, is that you have a predisposition towards type 2 diabetes. The gene can be inactive and you do not have the disease or active and you get the disease. Studies showed that we control this switch to turn them on or off, thorough our lifestyle, diet and habits. And if you want to learn more about epigenetic and Type 2 Diabetes have a look here.

The bottom line is that we are not at the mercy of our genes entirely. We have the power to change our lives and our health anytime. That’s why I say one more time “Don’t give up!”

And this leads me to the next question…you got diagnosed, are you always going to have the disease?

Well, Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented, stoped or reversed. And studies show that people reversed it or at least decreased their medication in only 3 months with lifestyle and diet changes.

Here is a study done a while ago, showing how a low-fat, vegetarian diet can improve fasting blood glucose without any exercise added. If that was achieved with only diet change, I wonder what can you achieve with a total transformation of your lifestyle?

My point is that you can change your health and you can reverse Type 2 Diabetes. But does that mean you are disease free? There is a lot of debate around this question that leads us back to genetics. So far, the answer is that you will still have the gene responsible for diabetes, however it will be turn off, so you are symptom free.

Is that something worth fighting for? Is that, for you a reason not to give up?

And, we are at our last question…I am sure it is not actually the last one and if you have more please let me know.  So, you are doing all your doctor said and still now winning?

Bare with me with this short analogy.

You’ve got a chest infection. That makes you feel unwell and you have a fever. I give you Paracetamol and your fever goes down for a while. Do you still have a chest infection? A few hours later your temperature goes up again. More Paracetamol and maybe you feel a bit better. Do you still have a chest infection? Did we at any stage treat your chest? Did we at any stage treat the cause of your fever, the infection? No. We treated a symptom, a result of a problem, but not the problem. When you take antibiotics, that is when you tackle the infection, that is when you will get rid of the fever.

The same way, the treatment for Type 2 Diabetes is trying to either reduce the glucose in your blood or make your pancreas produce more insulin. Now, knowing why you have high blood sugar, knowing the mechanism of it, do you think that the treatment is for the cause or for the symptoms?

I am not saying not to listen to your doctor, having high blood glucose for any period of time is very dangerous, so please take your medication. What I am saying is that there is something you can do independently, and that is changing your lifestyle. 


Did this help you? What else would you like to know about?


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