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6 Quick Lifestyle Changes to Lower Your Cholesterol

With a few quick lifestyle changes you can lower your cholesterol.Consequently, your risk for further complications will decrease. High cholesterol is a lifestyle disease. Along with diabetes, obesity and heart disease can be a...


Early Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

My experience with type 2 diabetes comes from family and work. My grandfather and now my mother suffer from this chronic disease. As a medical doctor, I see patients consumed by the signs and...


Vegan Protein Sources And Their Benefits

My first question when I decided to change my diet was “Where do I get my proteins from?”. I see that many people have this concern. Let’s try and clear it up ¬†and discover...


Vegan This Year For 5+ Reasons

Are you thinking of becoming vegan? Or maybe your best friend just “went vegan” and you wonder why? Official stats say that 542,000 of the UK citizens are vegan (according to a survey done...

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